NCERT Solutions Economics Class 10 Chapter 1 Question Answer Development Notes

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NCERT Solutions Economics class 10 chapter 1 question answer Notes

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Economics class 10 chapter 1 question answer

Very short answer type questions

1 What is the purpose of human development?

Answer – The aim of human development is to create such conditions of life which enable people to lead an economic and creative life according to their talents.

Be helpful if you can.

2 What is per capita income?

Answer – When the total national income is divided by the total population, then that amount is called per capita income.

3 According to the World Bank, what was the per capita income of India in the year 2004?

Answer – Income less than $620 per annum.

4. According to the World Development Report of the World Bank, per capita of rich countriesHow much was the income?

Answer- ₹ 4,53,000.

5. What are the main criteria used by the World Bank to classify different countries? uses?

Answer – Generally used by the World Bank for the classification of different countries typically, the measure of income is used.

6 What should be the developmental goals of our country?

Answer – To create such conditions that give people the ability to live an economic and creative life according to their talents.

7 Which state had higher per capita income in the whole year in Punjab and Kerala?

Answer – The per capita income of Punjab was higher where per capita annual income was ₹ 26,000 whereas in Kerala it was ₹ 22,800.

8 Why is Kerala considered more developed than Punjab?

Answer- Because Kerala has a better literacy rate and net attendance ratio than Punjab. Apart from this, there is also a low infant mortality rate per thousand.

9 What are the aspirations of the landless rural laborer?

Answer: rural laborerAspirations:-

(a) Long working hours and better wages.

(b) local schools capable of providing quality education to their children.

(c) There is no social discrimination and they can also become leaders in the village.

10 What are the aspirations of the prosperous farmer of Punjab?

Ans- Aspirations of the prosperous farmers of Punjab- (a) Farmers getting more support prices for their produce.

(g) Hard working and cheap labor.

(c) Settlement of children in foreign countries etc.

11. Write the definition of National Income.

Answer- If the income received from abroad is added to the value of all production and all goods and services of the country, then it is national income.

12 Apart from income, what are the other factors to know the development orAre there criteria?

Answer – Good behavior, equality, freedom, security, etc.

13. What is the benefit of 13 dams?

Answer- They increase irrigation facilities and a large amount of electricity is available.

14 Why do some people oppose dams?

Answer- Because they are afraid of being homeless and their cultivable lands get drowned in water.

15 All kinds of toxic waste found near the African city of AbidjanWhat was the effect of leaving?

Answer- Due to the smoke coming out of these toxic residues, people had to become victims of many types of diseases. Some started feeling nauseous, some had cracks on their skin and many fainted.

16. Which countries are considered developed according to the World Bank?

Answer- Those countries are considered developed where the person’s income was more than $ 10,066 throughout the year.

17 How can body mass index be measured?

Answer- Body by dividing the total weight of a person by the square of his heightPerforms mass indexing.

18 What is meant by consumption?

Answer – Using the utility of a substance for the direct satisfaction of a want is called consumption.

19 What is production?

Answer – The economic activity by which a commodity or service is made useful and valuable. is called production.

20. Generally, on what basis can the development of a country be determined? Is?

Answer – On per capita income.

21 Why is the issue of sustainability important for development?

Answer – The subject of sustainability is important for development because the economy and environment are interdependent, economic development cannot be sustainable for future generations by neglecting the environment.

22 People have different development goals. Answer with a reason.

Ans- People have different goals for development- For a landless rural laborer, the goal of development is better wages and better education for his children. On the other hand, the goal of development is high for the prosperous farmer of Punjab. Family income and higher education of his children.

Short answer type questions

1, What are the main criteria used by the World Bank to classify different classes? What are the limits, if any, of this parameter?

Answer – Generally used by the World Bank for the classification of different countries typically, the measure of income is used. Countries with high income are considered more developed than countries with low income.

But while comparing different countries, it is not appropriate to draw any conclusion keeping in mind their total income because the population of different countries varies, so it does not reveal what the average person is earning. Therefore, while comparing the two countries, we compare the average income rather than the total income.

This average income is also called per capita income.” The World Bank in its 2006 World Development Report classified countries by this average income criterion. Countries whose per capita income was $10,066 per year or more were classified as Countries were considered rich and countries whose per capita income was $ 825 per year or less were called low-income countries.

2 In what aspects is the UNDP’s criteria for measuring development different from the World Bank’s criteria?

Answer- While comparing the development of different countries, the World Bank has given more importance only to the criterion of income, but this criterion is not appropriate. Because in order to lead a better life, apart from income, some other things are also needed.

Going beyond the World Bank’s classification, the classification criteria adopted by the UNDP is considered far better. Due to this, while comparing countries, along with per capita income, the following aspects have also been emphasized-

(a) the educational level of the people,

(b) Health status of the people.

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3. Why do we use average? Are there any limitations to using them? Explain with your own examples related to development.

Answer- Generally, while comparing two countries, many people keep their total income in front of them. We consider the one whose total income is more prosperous or developed than others. But this is not correct because the population of countries varies, so they cannot be compared with total income.

Therefore, the average income is often considered as the basis, which comes out of dividing the total income of that country by its total population. This average income is called per capita income. Average income is useful for comparison, but it also has one drawback, which is that it does not show how this income is distributed among people.

4 List some examples of environmental degradation that you have seen around you.

Answer- When man misuses resources due to his greed or uses them more than necessary, then the environment gets polluted. And it starts degrading. Due to the continuous cutting of forests and the continuous release of smoke and toxic substances from factories, the environment continues to get polluted. Along with this, when nuclear experiments are done in one country, their effect is not limited to one country, but it also has a deep impact on the surrounding countries, and their environment also gets polluted.

Examples of environmental degradation can also be seen around us. The amount of fresh water is very less in the world. If a country continues to use them indiscriminately through wells and tube wells through excessive irrigation, then the water level of not only that country but also in the surrounding countries will go on falling down. Scientists are continuously warning that if there can be any possibility of the next crisis in the world, it will be the crisis of sweet water.

Thus it is absolutely true to say that environmental degradation is not just a national issue but it is an international issue. The stupidity of even one country can put the whole world in trouble.

Long answer type questions

1 Despite the low per capita income, Kerala has a higher Human Development Index than Punjab, so per capita income is not at all a useful parameter and should not be used to compare states. Do you agree? Discuss.

Answer- Looking at the table given below, it is clearly clear that Punjab has a higher per capita income as compared to Kerala. Per capita income in Punjab is ₹ 25,100 in the whole year while in Kerala ₹ 22,8001 Per capita income of selected states

StatePer Capita Income (in Rs) for 2002-03
A state in Eastern India5700

Some comparative statistics of Kerala, Punjab, and Bihar

StateInfant mortality rate per
1000 people (2003)
Literacy rate (%) (2001)Class 1 to 5 attendance
ratio (1995–1996)
A state in Eastern India604741

But if we look at the second table, it is found that even though Kerala is behind in income, in other important areas like infant mortality rate per thousand, literacy rate, and net attendance rate of classes 1 to 5, Punjab is far behind Kerala. In Punjab, the infant mortality rate is 49 per 1000 people, while in Kerala it is very low, i.e. only 11. Similarly, if the literacy rate in Punjab is 70, then it is 91 percent in Kerala.

The above description shows that per capita income is not at all a useful parameter and should not be used for the comparison of states.

2- What sources of energy are used by the people of India? What are the possibilities after 50 years?

Answer- The following sources of energy are used by the people of India. Various sources or means of power are as follows-

Economics class 10 chapter 1 question answer
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(a) Coal and petroleum are mineral sources of power that are not supplied go These are also the traditional sources of power that are being used widely in the world.

(b) Cheap electric power is generated by the driving force of water. These Dams are built on rivers for this purpose.

(c) nuclear energy released from the nucleus of the atom by splitting the atom of uranium is obtained.

(d) Although the Sun is the only source of all energy on the earth, nowadays solar energy can be directly converted into electrical power by solar cells.

(e) The driving power of the wind is used by windmills in those regions where the wind blows almost continuously throughout the year.

(f) In coastal areas, energy is obtained from the power generated by the fluctuations of seawater due to tides.

(g) Geothermal energy is used in volcanic areas. The released hot steam is controlled and used as a sustainable source of energy. Geothermal energy is being taken advantage of in the United States, Italy, and many other countries. 50 years from now oil and coal are likely to run out

The only solution to this situation is to find an alternative source of energy. To be found, such as atomic energy or solar energy, etc.

3 Why is the issue of sustainability important for development? Or, the earth has enough resources to satisfy everyone’s needs, but not enough to satisfy even one person’s greed. Is this statement in the discussion of development relevant? Discuss.

Answer-Sustainability means how to use the various resources of nature so that their existence does not end. If we use the resources of nature with great understanding and understanding, then we will also benefit from them and the generations coming ahead of us will also continue to benefit from them.

Nature has everything to meet our needs, but if a person exploits them with his greed, then these resources will be quickly exhausted or ruined and nothing will be left for our future generations. One should never try to bring up such a situation. letting go of greed

We should make proper use of our resources so that we too do not remain hungry and the future generations are also not deprived of them. We should protect our forest and mineral resources from human exploitation.

Otherwise, gradually many breeds of animals and plants will be extinct and people coming forward will have to be deprived of their beauty and benefits. If this happens then it will be very unfortunate for us and very harmful for the generations to come.

That’s why we should use our resources in a proper way. Indiscriminate use of resources can bring nothing but destruction. The use of resources is appropriate within the limits, inappropriate, and destructive outside the limits.

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Q. List some examples of environmental degradation that you can let’s look around.

(a) Unabated felling of trees.
(b) Use of articles made of plastic.
(c) The discharge of city drains into rivers or ponds.
(d) Smoke coming out of factories.

Q. Which sources of energy are used by the people of India?

Answer- The following sources of energy are used by the people of India-
(a) Crude oil,
(b) natural gas,
(c) atomic energy,
(d) hydro-electricity,
(e) wind energy,
(f) Solar energy.

Q. What do you understand by development?

ANS-development means that the residents of the country should be provided with health services, education, employment, the highest facilities, social equality, and security. to developmentAverage income is also used to measure. In this context, it is necessary to understand that the development goals of different people may be different. What is development for one should not be development for the other.

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