Important MCQs Class 10 Economics Chapter 1 Understanding Economic Development

Are you a student of class 10th and you are looking for MCQs Class 10 Economics Chapter 1? Because this chapter is very important for the exam. Many questions from this chapter have come in the exam. Because of this, it is very important to know the question and answers of this chapter.

So students, after reading this article, you will get a lot of marks from this chapter in the exam, because the questions related to all the exams have been described in it, so definitely read it completely.

Important MCQs Class 10 Economics Chapter 1 Understanding Economic Development

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Money and Credit

 MCQs Class 10 Economics Chapter 1


1 Generally, on what basis can the development of a country be determined?

(a) Per capita income.

(b) Average literacy level,

(c) the health status of the people,

(d) All of these

Answer – (d)

2 Out of the following neighboring countries, the status of which country is called country in terms of human development.

(a) Bangladesh.

(b) Sri Lanka,

(c) Nepal,

(d) Pakistan.

Answer – (b)

3.Those countries whose per capita income is _____ or less are called low income countries.

(A) U S $ 955,

(b) u s $1200,

(c) U S $ 12.056,

(d) US $1800.


4.What does the infant mortality rate indicate?

(a) literate population at the age of 7 or more,

(b) before the age of one out of 1000 live children born in a yearnumber of children who died

(c) the total number of children present in the school,

(d) Number of children born in a year.


Which of the following should be the goal of development for landless rural laborers?Can 

(a) highest support price for their crops,

(b) They could settle their children abroad.

(c) better wages,

(d) none of these

Answer – (c)

What was India’s per capita income in the year 2000?

(a) ₹17,500, 

(b) ₹16,500, 

(c) ₹ 18,500, 

(d) ₹ 19,850. 


7 Which of the following country is the best in terms of development?

(c) Nepal,

(a) India,

(b) Pakistan,

(d) Sri Lanka.

Answer – (d)

8.Which of the following states has the lowest infant mortality rate?

(a) Punjab,

(b) Kerala,

(c) Bihar,

(d) Chhattisgarh.


9.In which currency is the per capita income of each country in the world measured?

(b) dollar,

(a) Euro,

(C) pound

(d) Currency of the same country.

Answer – (b)

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10 The Human Development Index displays____.

(a) All round development of the people,

(b) Good education system,

(c) health development,

(d) none of these

Answer – (a)

11 Central Statistical Organization Year___Is giving annual report based on national income ratio.

(a) 1955,

(b) 1947.

(c) 1967.

(d) 1975.

Answer – (a)

Human Development Index was first prepared and published by the United Nations in the year 12.

(a) 1947, 

(b) 1995,

(C) 1994,

(D) 1990।

Answer – (d)

13 below Which of the following is an underdeveloped country?

(a) India,

(b) China,

(c) Bangladesh

(d) all of these


Which of the following is also called average income?

(a) National Income.

(b) per capita income,

(c) total income,

(d) All of these


15. Life expectancy means-

(a) The average expected life span of a person at the time of birth.

(b) The average expected age of a person’s life at the time of death.

(c) The average expected age of the child at birth.

(d) none of these

Answer – (a)

Which of the following do we get when we divide the national income of a country by its population?

(a) Per capita income,

(b) Gross Development Product,

(c) Human Development Index,

(d) none of these

Answer – (a)

17 In which of the following countries, illiterate population in the age group of 15% in the worldhas the largest size? 

(a) India,

(B) Sri Lanka,

(C) Myanmar,

(d) Bangladesh.


18 What is the meaning of G.D.P.?

(a) gross dairy products,

(b) Gross Domestic Product,

(c) Large household products

(d) Big development project.


19 What is the most important basis for comparing the development of countries?Is ?

(a) resources,

(b) population,

(C) average income,

(d) none of these


Class 10 Economics

Class 10 Economics MCQs

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