Manufacturing Industry Class 10 Mcq NCERT Solutions Chapter 6

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Manufacturing Industry Class 10 Mcq NCERT Solutions Chapter 6

Chapter NameManufacturing Industry
Medium English
Study MaterialsMCQs

Manufacturing Industry Class 10 Mcq NCERT Solutions Chapter 6

Manufacturing Industry Class 10 Mcq NCERT Solutions Chapter 6
VVI MCQs Class 10 Geography Ch-6 विनिर्माण उद्योग

1 Which of the following industries uses limestone as raw material? does it use?

(a) aluminum,

(b) Cement,

(c) plastic,

(d) Motor vehicle.


Which of the following agencies makes steel available in the market in the public sector?

(a) HAIL,

(b) Tata Steel

(c) SAIL,

(d) MNCC.


Which of the following industry uses bauxite as raw material?

(a) aluminum smelting,

(b) paper,

(c) Cement,

(d) Steel.

Answer – (a)

4 Which of the following industries manufacture telephone, computer etc. plants?

(a) steel,

(b) electronic

(c) aluminum smelting

(d) Information Technology.


5.The iron and steel industry is called-

(a) light industry,

(b) medium-scale industry,

(c) Agro-based industries,

(d) Basic Industries.


6. Jute industry is concentrated on the Hooghly River because of-

(a) Raw material,

(b) cheap water transport,

(c) market convenience,

(d) All of these


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7 Industries using mineral metals as raw material are called—

(a) Mineral-based industries,

(b) Agro-based industries,

(c) heavy industry,

(d) Light industries.

Answer – (a)

8.The production of goods in large quantities by converting raw materials into valuable products is called-

(a) protection,

(b) Labour,

(c) resources,

(d) manufacturing.

Answer– (d)

9.In which state is the Bhilai Steel Plant located?

(a) Chhattisgarh,

(b) Madhya Pradesh,

(c) Orissa,

(d) Karnataka.

Answer – (a)

10 Which of the following cities is the center of vehicle manufacturing industry apart from iron and steel industry?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Jamshedpur,

(c) Bangalore

(d) Delhi.


Where was the first successful cotton textile industry established in 1854?

(a) Amritsar,

(b) Kolkata,

(c) Mumbai,

(d) Delhi.


12 Which of the following agencies sell their steel to all Public Sector Undertakings?

(a) H.A.I.L. (Hail),

(b) S.A.I.L. (SAIL),

(c) Tata Steel,

(d) एम० एन० सी० जी० ।


13 Agriculture based industry is not-

(a) silk,

(b) copper smelting,

(c) Sugar,

(d) Vegetable oil.


14 Which city is called the electronic capital of India?

(a) Bangalore,

(b) Hyderabad,

(c) Mumbai,

(d) Delhi.

Answer – (a)

15 Which of the following is not a product of the electronics industry?

(a) pager,

(b) radar,

(c) airplane,

(d) Computer.


The place of the Indian chemical industry in Asia is-

(a) first,

(b) second,

(c) third,

(d) Fourth.


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