Important MCQs Class 10 Economics Chapter 5 Consumer Rights

Are you a student of class 10th and you are looking for MCQs Class 10 Economics Chapter 5? Because this chapter is very important for the exam. Many questions from this chapter have come in the exam. Because of this, it is very important to know the question and answers of this chapter.

So students, after reading this article, you will get a lot of marks from this chapter in the exam, because the questions related to all the exams have been described in it, so definitely read it completely.

Important MCQs Class 10 Economics Chapter 5 Consumer Rights

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Consumer Rights


1. On which of the following day do we celebrate National Consumer Day?

(a) 24 October,

(b) October 14,

(c) 24 December

(d) 14 December

2 MRP on a product means-

(a) the maximum retail price,

(b) Micro retail price,

(c) Minimum Retail Price,

(d) none of these

3. Which of the following is protected in the market through rules and regulations?

(a) shopkeeper,

(b) consumer,

(c) the supplier,

(d) none of these

4 World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated every year.

(a) March 15,

(b) 15th April,

(c) 15th January,

(d) 15th December

5. Agmarkapplicable in the event of

(a) gold, silver products,

(b) food products,

(c) metal products,

(d) Agricultural products.

6. Where is the head office of the Indian Standards Institute?

(a) Delhi,

(b) Kolkata,

(c) Mumbai,

(d) Chennai.

7 The organization which sets the standards of products at the international level is called-


(b) ISRO. 

(c) ISOs,

(d) WCF, 

8. Which of the following certification mark is used in the case of food items?


(b) Hallmark,

(c) Hologram,

(d) none of these

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9 How many rights are available to a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act?

(a) 6.

(b) 7, 

(c) 8.

(d) 9.

10. In which year the Consumer Protection Act was implemented?

(a) 1989, 

(b) 1980, 

(c) 1985, 

(d) 1986. 

11 Consumer Protection Act invoked to banHas gone.

(a) Sale of expensive items,

(b) Sale of substandard goods,

(c) violations of business practices by Sellers,

(d) illegal actions.

12 Full form of ISO is-

(a) International Security Organisation.

(b) IntIt signal Security Organisation. 

(c) Indian Standard Organisation,

(d) Internal Organisation for Standardisation.

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